The Power of Tiger Milk Mushroom [The Most Rarest Mushroom in Southeast Asia]

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What is tiger milk mushroom? It is called sclerotia lignosus rhinocerus, and is a rare yet precious mushroom that was originated from tropical forests found in Malaysia and other regions in South East Asia. But why is it called tiger milk mushroom? According to folklore, the indigenous people believed that a tigress dropped her milk on the ground while feeding her cubs. The myth about it might have been risen due to its rarity.

What is so special about tiger milk mushroom? Well, it has healing properties and has been used as traditional medicine for more than 400 years to treat more than 15 health issues such as cough, asthma, cancer, indigestion, and more. It consists of three parts: cap, stem, and tuber. The sclerotium is white and yields a milk-like solution and it even tastes like milk.

So what are the health benefits of tiger milk mushrooms?

1. Strong Immunity

Tiger milk mushrooms stimulate the production of human immune cells and trigger an immune response to combat infections. It has been proven to boost immune cells, enhance the body’s ability to resist infection, effectively differentiate and eliminate foreign substances.

2. Rich In Antioxidants

Tiger milk mushrooms can help in removing harmful free radicals in our body and prevent cell damage as well as anti-aging. It also deals with daily oxidative stress in our bodies.

3. Lung And Respiration Health

Tiger milk mushrooms can be used to treat respiratory diseases like chronic cough, sinus allergies, and asthma symptoms by reducing the presence of cells that cause inflammation in the lungs and airways.

4. Anti-cancer, Anti-viral and Anti-microbial

Tiger milk mushroom helps to bolster the immune system against virus and microbial infections by increasing and enhancing immune responses due to the presence of the active compound and promoting antiproliferative activity against some cancer cells.

5. Cardiovascular Health

Tiger milk mushrooms can help in preventing blood clots and show anti-platelet activity which helps reduce the chances of stroke, high blood pressure, or other related cardiovascular diseases.

There are still have more health benefits other than the one mentioned just now such as liver health and joint health. You may wonder how to consume tiger milk mushrooms. It is perfectly safe if you consume cultivated tiger milk mushrooms instead of consuming wild tiger milk mushrooms directly.

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