The Power Of Beetroots

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Beetroots, or known as beets, belong to the same family as chard and spinach. It is a root vegetable with long stems, thick skin, and reddish-purple colour. The leaves of beetroots have a bitter taste while the root is sweet. Apart from being used as food, beetroot is also used as a medicinal plant and a food colorant since the times of ancient Rome. With their vibrant colour, beetroots are packed with a unique combination of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that help to boost your body’s health. Therefore, beetroot is a great choice to add to your diet. Here are the lists of health benefits of beetroots.

1. Beetroots may lower blood pressure

Beetroot contains a compound called nitrates, which the body converts into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas already naturally occurring in our body that tells our blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. A reduction in blood pressure is beneficial to prevent heart disease and stroke. For people with high blood pressure, it is recommended to consume a 250 ml glass of beetroot juice or add 80 – 100 grams of beets in meals daily to reduce hypertension and help maintain healthier levels.

2.  Beetroots may help in cancer prevention

The presence of betanin, which is the most abundant betalain in beetroot may bring potential effects on cancerous cells. There was a human cell study found that breast and prostate cancer cells reduced due to the presence of beetroot’s betalain pigments. In another study, beetroot ingestion was found to prevent lung and skin cancers. Beetroots consist of anticancer and chemopreventive properties but more studies are needed to better understand this benefit of beetroot.

3. Beetroots may support brain health

As our age increases, our mental and cognitive functions decline naturally, which can increase the risk of dementia. The nitrates in beetroots help to promote the dilation of blood vessels and thus increasing the blood flow to the brain. Therefore, consuming beetroot is amazing as it helps in increasing brain function and concentration power.

4. Beetroots may prevent anemia

Anemia is a condition in which your body lacks healthy blood cells to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues, which makes you feel tired and weak. It is because of iron deficiency. But don’t worry, beetroots are rich in iron and folic acid that help in the formation of red blood cells which carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the different parts of the body to ensure healthy blood count. Beetroot juice is a healthy drink to prevent anemia and menstrual disorders in women.

5. Beetroots may improve digestive health

Beetroots are high in fibre helping in regulating digestive processes and easing bowel movement. The presence of betalains in beetroot helps to promote and maintain the overall health of the digestive system. Regular consumption of beetroots not only helps to prevent constipation, but also helps to prevent chronic diseases such as colon cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Now you have learned the power of beetroots that bring such wonderful health benefits to our bodies. Beetroots are very nutritious and loaded with health-promoting properties. They can support the health of our brain, heart, and digestive system, as well as lower blood pressure, reduce cancerous cells, and prevent anemia. So, beetroots are great choices to add to your diets, such as salads, juice, smoothies, dips, and side dishes.

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